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Bacon Maple Walnut Pie

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This post was written last year, on September 25th, 2012.  I wanted to give you all something to enjoy.


I celebrated my thirty seventh birthday yesterday. Instead of a cake, I decided to make a birthday pie. While at the dinner table, this is the conversation that went down:

Me: Tomorrow, I’m going to make a pie. A Bacon, maple walnut pie to be exact.

Hannah: Ethan, did you hear mom? She’s going to combine two of your most favorite things in the world: Bacon and pie.

Bud: Birthday Bacon Pie?? Awesome!

I have always loved my mom’s Maple Walnut pie. She used to make it when we had our bakery years ago and because I believe everything is better with Bacon*, I decided to kick my favorite up a notch.

While the whole walnuts were toasting in the oven, I chopped and fried up six slices of bacon.

I realized that I didn’t have any maple extract in the house. That may have been a complete failure, if I didn’t have a whole bottle of Sapling Maple Liqueur ready to take its place.

After everything was mixed up and poured into the pan, I sprinkled chopped Bacon over the top of my pie.

The pie browned up so beautifully and the Bacon didn’t burn at all. I did a final brush with some more maple syrup once the pie came out.

Once it’s cool, I will be enjoying some with a bit of ice cream, more chopped Bacon and Sapling drizzled over everything.

*I believe in it so much that even my phone automatically capitalizes the word.

Just the beginning..... Bacon Maple Walnut Pie

Sapling Maple Liqueur and Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
Sapling Maple Liqueur and Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Jumping in, with both feet, flailing

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It feels surreal but I’m really doing this and be patient with me as I get my bearings.  I’ve blogged before but never as serious as I anticipate this to be.  I fail at commas and get caught up in daily life but if you promise to encourage me, I promise to do my best to deliver postings about all the things you wish to do (and will subsequently curse me for trying).