“Once again, you’ve outdone yourself”

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Yes, those were the words that were uttered to me after my partner took a bite full of dinner, this evening,

I will say it again, I love that I’ve been gifted with venison from a generous co-worker.  Without it, I wouldn’t be enjoying some of the cooking adventures that I have had.  Two weekends ago I found a winner with this post.  I may not have another piece of venison backstrap, but I’ll definitely try it out with a piece of beef.

I decided to open up the package labeled: “Eye of Round” and found that it was all cut into medallions.  It wasn’t what I expected to find, but I was able to work with it.

I will point out that I’m in love with honest-food’s website.  I found the most amazing stroganoff recipe and made a few, minor, changes.  I had four ingredients on my list of things to buy.  You’d think I could have remembered only four ingredients but nope, I forgot the shallots.  I ended up using onions in place.  I had to use dried dill, ground nutmeg and Old Vine Zinfandel but it was just as amazing as I had envisioned.

I’ll definitely be making this again.


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