Do the right thing, people.

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A friend, my daughter and I decided to eat outside for Vermont Restaurant Week. I’d been to Sweetwaters a couple other times before now and our meals were fantastic, just as I expected. The portions were generous and I was thankful to have the help enjoying it.

The pulled pork nacho appetizer was better than I expected.  The chips seemed homemade, the pork was melt in your mouth and the sauce was just the right amount of spicy and sweet. The Boyden burger was cooked to a medium rare perfection.  The only reason I didn’t finish mine was because the nachos were so filling and I needed to save room for the most amazing Maple Creme Brulee.  I’m going to have to break down and buy a torch one of these days so that I can make my own, properly.

Despite being double sat and customers seating themselves, our waiter (Chris) did a fantastic job. He was always polite even though he had 5-6 tables and was treated rudely from impatient customers.

My biggest complaint is that my friend and I watched hosts and fellow waitstaff stand off to the side without jumping in to help a server in the weeds. Only once was he helped by someone carrying food out to another of his tables. There was a misunderstanding of the food being delivered and the other server appeared rude and impolite of the situation.

I made sure to make the management aware of how pleased we were with our server and the struggle he had to endure. I just hope that the staff does a better job stepping up and helping each other out when things get busy.

Fellow patrons: Please be aware that sometimes your server gets busy and needs your patience and understanding. A kind word will go a long way (unlike the stabbing and sarcastic remarks that we overheard from neighboring tables–one was because they weren’t allowed to bring in popcorn from outside).  Also: if you’re in a rush go to McDonalds.  If you’re going to to eat at a place with outdoor seating on a sunny weekend, be patient and enjoy the company you’re with.

I’ll be back again to enjoy a meal, will definitely ask for Chris again and would definitely tip him as generously as we did this afternoon.

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