Who I am

I hate these, “Who Am I” pages.  I can verbally tell people how awesome I am.  That’s easy.  Putting all those things down in a manner that makes it look professional is another story.  That’s when I start to feel cocky and arrogant and yet, here I am, trying to write one of those pages.

I waitress full time and have two children.  I may be around food all day, but cooking is my therapy.  I love dreaming up a new creation and then diving into it with all my passion and energy, getting completely lost in the moment.  I have dreams of becoming a chef in my own restaurant and then quickly tell myself that it wouldn’t be fun, if it were a job.  I love what I do because it means that I get to feed my creativity and then turn around and feed it to someone else.

I have recently begun a love-affair with cupcakes.  There’s just something to be said about a little cake that fits into your hand and so many ways to make it your own.  Some of my creations have been total flops.  The ones that turn out are the ones that keep me dreaming of the next new one.

My friends and family are my inspiration and drive behind this blog.  Without them, I’d really have to eat everything all by myself.

So, pour a glass, pull up a chair and join me on this new journey.

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